Praylady's Story:

It all started with a big bang of tasty aromas and delicious dishes cooked by our parents. The way they added the ingredients and the amount of time that was dedicated to mixing, sauteing, frying and garnishing, opened doors to a world of using the right cookware that will help you retain the authentic flavours even today. Our aim is to help you cook the way you want by providing you with the highest quality kitchen accessories. 
Praylady has carved a niche for the brand as a prominent manufacturer, supplier and exporter in the home appliances industry in India. Our superior quality in manufacturing and packaging of our products has helped us create a benchmark in the kitchen utensils segment. We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to ensure the production of premium cookware sets. The efficient processing mechanism ensures the quality of every utensil we produce. 
Backed by a team of committed professionals, we are consistently able to delight our customers through our attractive range of products that speak for supreme comfort and convenience. Praylady takes pride in being a customer-focused business establishment, and their satisfaction will always be our priority.


Our Mission:

Praylady is committed to establishing an everlasting relationship with customers and keeping them delighted without compromising our quality of products & service. 


Our Vision:

Praylady’s vision is to empower our customers by providing them with the best kitchen essentials that will add to their culinary experience.


Brand Objectives

Praylady adheres to a unique VIPER methodology that requires the brand to focus on the Vision, Plan, Execution and Review to ensure that every plan is carefully crafted and perfectly analysed before its execution. Our objectives can be divided into four categories:
1. Financial Objectives:
  • Build Sustainability
  • Cost Minimization

2. Sales And Marketing Objectives:

  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Multiply Market Share

3. Human Resources Objectives:

  • Employee Retention
  • Support Talents

4. Customer Service Objectives:

  • Luxurious Experience
  • Develop A Reputation
  • Solve Complaints 

Our Products

We have earned customer support through our wide array of products that are known for their quality, performance and convenience.