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Pray Lady

14G Hammered Stainless Steel Kadai

14G Hammered Stainless Steel Kadai

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The stainless steel kadai, known for its strong construction, is specifically crafted for Indian cuisine and frying purposes. With a substantial 2mm thickness, PrayLady's SS kadai has a hammered finish that adds not only durability but also a distinctive aesthetic touch.

This heavy-bottomed 14G Hammered Stainless Steel Kadai guarantees efficient heat distribution, ensuring uniform cooking and preventing food from adhering to its surface. Its design facilitates the preparation of a diverse array of dishes with both ease and precision, hammered finishing 2mm thick


Stainless Steel


- 18 cm / 1.0 Ltr
- 20 cm / 1.5 Ltr
- 22 cm / 2.0 Ltr
- 24 cm / 2.5 Ltr
- 26 cm / 3.5 Ltr
- 28 cm / 4.3 Ltr
- 30 cm / 5.3 Ltr




- 2mm thick body
- Even heat distribution
- Dishwasher safe
- Healthy cooking
- Fuel efficient
- Sturdy Design
- Hammered finishing

Package Inclusions

1 heavy bottom stainless steel kadai

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